Orivent is the first company in India to start and conduct in-house Corporate Expo on a larger scale since 2011. 

The “CorpEX” witness most of the leading brands to accomplish their right customers in right places. Multiple numbers of Companies and Brands kick-started their corporate sales in very short span, especially the startup's obtained tremendous benefits via CORPEX Platform in this 7 years by presenting themselves at this Expo. 


Thirst for reaching a corporate audience was not supplemental without setting foot inside the Corporate Campuses, whilst there was no recourse that quenches the same back in 2011. It was ORIVENT orchestrate the concept of Corporate Expo inside the campuses atop a strenuous research. 


There has a study imparted over the in-house employees of this Tech Parks in order to deduct their interest of their choice of the brand they wish to see and their line of interest about the category. Thus driven leads were formatted into the conceptualization of the whole EXPO.


With the overwhelming response and necessity, the concept has been deeply classified and practised with industry-specific Expo format as


  • Corpex Autoshoot
  • Corpex Healthcare
  • Corpex Electronics & Gadgets
  • Corpex Reality
  • Corpex Fashion


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